About Us

History and infrastructure

1994MEDI-LINE starts and becomes rapidly a recognized actor in the manufacturing of single use medical devices for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

2006To support the success of its products and activities, MEDI-LINE invested in state-of-the art facilities located in the Liege Science Park. Its manufacturing conditions include: Assembly Clean Rooms ISO 7 (class C) and Extrusion/Injection Molding Clean Room ISO 8 (class D). These 600m2 of modern infrastructures are dedicated to meet our client’ requirements.

2012The expansion continues and a new office building is added to support the increase in staff (R&D engineers, Quality Assurance engineers, ...).

2016Today, MEDI-LINE is internationally recognized for the high quality of its services and products (as OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturing).

2017MEDI-LINE continues its activities and strengthens its teams. NexeonMedSystems, a new shareholder, acquires all the shares. The OEM business - Original Equipment Manufacturing - of Medi-Line remains its core business.

Quality system

MEDI-LINE has built a reliable quality system to meet the requirements of the strict regulatory environment and the most demanding clients. This quality system is certified with the last version of EN ISO 13485 to support the requirements of the Medical Devices directives and GMP's.

Audits from customers such as Johnson & Johnson or GE Healthcare are regularly and satisfactorily performed.

To see our current certificate : BSI Certificate ISO 13485


Development and engineering

With an outstanding flexibility, our Development/ Engineering team creates innovative and practical solutions to meet your most stringent product requirements. From the idea to the product delivery, MEDI-LINE offers a wide range of services such as : raw materials selection amongst a broad range of polymeric materials, blends or composite, Manufacturing process development and validation, CE marking files fulfillment, Creative Design of product for safety and compliance to regulation, ...


MEDI-LINE has built state-of-the-art clean rooms to manufacture single use medical devices in various fields. Our products meet the highest standards of quality. Manufacturing processes are continuously improved to meet our clients's requirements. Our employees are trained with a focus on quality and cost efficiency.

All processes, including extrusion and injection molding, are performed in clean-room environment. Various techniques, manual or using semi-automatic equipments are available: bonding (solvent, cyano-acrylate, UV curing glue, …), welding (ultrasonic or high frequency), finishing operations (tip forming, hole punching or drilling, laser cutting, printing, …) and packaging (blister or pouch packs).


Focused on customer satisfaction, MEDI-LINE has developed strong internal values inside the company :






All these values are shared by the entire company from baseline to top management.


MEDI-LINE has got two extrusion lines only dedicated to medical sector. We are able to manufacturing custom made extruded tubings (starting from 0.25mm out diameter) in a large range of raw materials including: polyurethane, PEBAX, PC, Acrylics, Polyolefins, PVC, ...

We can produce various designs such as multi-layer tubing, multi-lumen catheters, bubble tubes, single or multiple X-ray lines ...


MEDI-LINE also owns three injection molding presses (conventional or full electric) allowing Injection molding of complex components up to 50 grams in most of the thermoplastic materials.

A continuous parameters monitoring ensure the full traceability of all production batches.