Treatment of Male Urinary Incontinence ...

MEDI-LINE launches a new medical device to treat male urinary incontinence in partnership with Professors J. de Leval et D. Waltregny from CHU de Liège.

MEDI-LINE announces the launching of the TOM-Sling from the 5th of May 2014.

This bulbar urethra compression sling to treat male urinary incontinence has been developed by the Professors J. de Leval and D. Waltregny. It is manufactured and distributed by MEDI-LINE.

The TOM-Sling is an efficient solution to treat mild to severe male urinary incontinence. The surgical procedure allows to install a sling with accuracy and high rate of success. The device and the surgical procedure give the possibility to the patients to regaining continence and resuming normal activities in everyday life.

The many patients who have been treated with the TOM-Sling are delighted after the device implantation.

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